Monday, May 20, 2019

Serial sniffer and player with byte timestamp

Hello guys,

Recently I needed to sniff some serial data from an interactive session between a host and a serial device. I needed to playback this data at the same byte rate as when I recorded so I needed to record the data stream with timestamps and then play each byte at the correct moment in time based on the recorded timestamps.

This tool set is different than for example Grabserial because it creates a virtual serial connected to the sniffer, so the host program can still interact with the target through serial and have the stream logged. I hope I did not re-invent the wheel, but if I did let me know of a similar set of tools.

Also do not be harsh on the code. I did it as a tool for another project not a project itself. If you have improvement tips please let me know.
Also it is in my backlog to implement this tool so that it outputs a pcap file.

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