Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My experience with Lenvo Thinkpad X61t
Hi as this is my first English post in a Portuguese blog i will just say that i'm a Portuguese guy that just finished his high school and i am now attending classes so i can get the air line pilot license.
In Portugal Lenovo doesn't sell their computers in single units, only in large quantities that usually are associated with government and high profile corporations. But as i'm a stubborn geek alike guy i found out about the tablet world and since then i knew that a tablet was the way into the future and like a swiss knife for just about everything. I then started searching the Internet for the greatest value for my limited budget, and found that X61t was everything i needed. I then started looking for any European shop that sold IBM, but it seems that IBM/Lenovo dont really want their computers on the street in Europe, as such i had to wait a lot of time so i could have a pilot friend that regularly flies to the United Stated to arrange a way to order the tablet, but even in the United States Lenovo isn't exactly a flasher.

About the tablet:
I got the cheapest set but i'll be damned if it isn't worth every penny i spent on it. I go only on the negative aspects as it's the hardest thing to find.
First of all it comes with the integrated intel graphic card that really sucks if you want to play some modern strategy game with the pen enabled. Note that this is only a negative aspect if you consider you sometime want to play some modern game to relax.
Second, this convertible is a highly mobile machine slim, light and cute, and as such it probably would have won some points if it included in the basic model the enhanced battery. Note that this is just a problem of $$ because you can buy a separate battery unit that has got 8 hours of autonomy. Plus the original battery can hold the machine for little over 2 hours.
Third, consider that this laptop comes with a a mother load of crapware from Lenovo, and it gets really annoying with the loading times if you don't get it out.
Four, the sound is crappy but loud enough, like those radios you get to use in a bathroom. They don't distort but it's not great sound.

As you can see this negative features aren't really negative if you take in account that this is a business/student convertible to persons who are always and on the run traveling.

By the way the most delicious thing in the laptop is to navigate in the internet while in bed with the wireless internet on.
Tenho já dois rascunhos no forno depois da falta de combustível mental que existiu em 2007. Embora já tenha recomeçado a escrever tenho tido uma dificuldade muito grande em escrever duma forma estruturada e coerente como antes pensava conseguir escrever. Até este pequeno texto, escrito em forma de desabafo só para ver se os dedos desemperram, me custa brutalmente, com a agravante de me perder constantemente nos raciocínios. Os dois textos que tenho na calha são bastante diferentes um do outro. Um está em inglês e é sobre a minha recente campanha pessoal para ser piloto de linha aérea. O outro é muito semelhante ao género de textos que venho publicando no blog, desta feita sobre a origem do universo numa perspectiva divina. Está-se a mostrar bem mais complicado do que inicialmente tinha matutado na minha cabeça como habitualmente faço. As minhas ideias sobre a origem do Universo estão bastante mais dispersas e desorganizadas do que o normal dando origem a misturas de temas que estão muito próximos, mas que não são o objectivo do texto e dão origem a contradições que são difíceis de corrigir.
Enfim de uma maneira desajeitada vou quebrar o ano em branco aqui no blog, com promessas de esvaziar a minha cabeça, para que me possa focar no que realmente interessa, a minha futura carreira de piloto.